We solicit original and unpublished research papers on computer simulation and modeling, information security, including agent nased simulation, chaos modeling, control and signal transmission, circuit simulation & modeling, computer games and simulation, device simulation & modeling, discrete and numerical simulation, authentication and authorization, distributed system security, network security, security modeling and architectures, mobile system security, privacy enhancing technologies, big data and cloud security.
Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Track 1
  • Track 2
Track 1: Computer Simulation and Modeling

Agent-based Simulation
Analytical and Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Applications
Biomedical Visualization and Applications
Bond Graph Modeling
Chaos Modeling, Control and Signal Transmission
Circuit Simulation & Modeling
Computational and Systems Biology
Computer Games and Simulation
Databases and Visualization
Device Simulation & Modeling
Discrete and Numerical Simulation
Finite and Boundary Element Techniques
High Performance Computing & Simulation
Information and Scientific Visualization
Interaction Paradigms and Human Factors
Internet, Web and Security Visualization
Modeling and Simulation Methodologies
Modeling, Simulation and Control of Technological Processes
Mathematical and Numerical Methods in Simulation & Modeling
Object-oriented Simulation
Parallel and Distributed Computing Simulation
Perceptual Issues in Visualization and Modeling
Process Simulation and Modeling
Prototyping and Simulation
Real-time Modeling and Simulation
Simulation and Modeling in Molecular Biology
Simulation Application in Industry
Simulation in Industry, Business and Services
Simulation of Complex Systems
Simulation of Intelligent Systems
Simulation, Experimental Science and Engineering
Vision and Visualization
Knowledge-based Simulation

Track 2: Information Security

Authentication and Authorization
Distributed System Security
AI Security
Blockchain Security
Network Security
Security Modeling and Architectures
Intellectual Property Protection
Mobile System Security
Operating System Security
Risk Evaluation and Security Certification
Prevention and Detection of Malicious Codes
Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Genomic Privacy and SDN Security
Big Data and Cloud Security
Hardware Security